A nation falls where there is no wise leading,
but it is safe where there are many wise men who know what to do.
Prov. 11:14

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Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc.(TSSI) is Committed to “Putting Safety to Work For You”
Providing New and Effective Occupational Safety and Health Solutions

TSSI is a full-service safety and health consulting firm that can provide On-Site Safety Services, Risk Management Services, Consulting, Comprehensive Safety and Health Training, and many more Safety Solutions that can help your company achieve the safety excellence it deserves.

TSSI was founded in 2001 to provide safety services to the construction industry. Since its inception, TSSI has expanded its services and now provides up-to-date safety and health solutions to manufacturing and warehousing industries, oil and gas industry, power generation facilities, and we work with many other industries and facilities nationwide. 

We would like the opportunity to provide you with “World-Class Safety Solutions” that will help your company ensure safety is integrated into the management process, so that safety performance objectives are aligned with corporate business objectives by applying scientific and technical principles to mitigate and reduce the loss of life, property, and the environment by recognized hazards. Recently, OSHA has stepped up their inspection activities in the workplace, and TSSI is positioned to provide your company with the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art solutions to ensure your company is meeting its goals in safety performance.

Our safety consultants are all highly qualified, educated, and trained and are backed up with over 28 years of management experience, and over 18 years of safety management experience.

Don’t put it off. Call us today at (866) 735-SAFE (7233) to schedule an interview for one of our safety experts to begin “Putting Safety to Work for You”, and help you achieve the safety excellence your company deserves.

Construction Safety | Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc

Construction Site Safety

While on your projects TSSI will provide technical advice to the project staff for all safety issues. Our Safety Professionals are...

Oil and Gas Safety | Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc

Oil and Gas Safety

Safety has become one of the most crucial aspects of the oil and gas industry. Through the years, the industrial culture in the...

Manufacturing Safety | Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc

Manufacturing Safety

Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc. (TSSI) works with many diverse manufacturers and can help ensure that each of your...

On-Site Safety Staffing

TSSI Program is a unique arrangement to provide our clients with highly qualified and experienced workplace Safety Management Consultants to staff and manage the day-to-day safety and health activities of your short or long-term projects, or to supplement your team when additional safety support and representation is needed on a contract basis. 

Safety Program Developmen

TSSI believes that your workers safety is paramount, so our goal is to ensure that every worker in your company has a safe environment to work each and every day. We begin by making the necessary assessments of your work environments and ensure that your workers have the knowledge to perform their jobs safely. TSSI provides extensive training and education so that your workers will understand the importance of your safety management system.

On-Site Safety Staffing | Thomas Safety Solutions, Inc

Safety Management

Though managing the safety, health and environmental matters are not the CEO, President or owner’s primary responsibility of an organization, it is the leadership of an organization that sets the tone for the safety culture of any organization. The culture of your company informs and influences the beliefs and values of your organizational safety culture.

Comprehensive Safety Training

Many standards put in place and published by OSHA explicitly require the employer to train employees in the occupational safety and health aspects of their jobs. Other OSHA standards make it the employer's responsibility to limit certain job assignments to employees who are "certified", "competent", or "qualified", meaning that they meet or exceed Training Requirements.

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Thomas Safety Solutions Inc
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Toll Free Office:
(866) 735-SAFE(7233)
Office: (386) 749-9262
Fax: (386) 749-4206


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